Outlook manager

Outlook manager

Outlook manager is a program for dispatchers to delegate work for drivers using an Outlook mailbox. The program, in few words, guide you to manage transport orders by sending emails to carriers. The program is a form with buttons dedicated for different carriers.

Each button activates the following functions:

  • Assign the appropriate category to the mail
  • Copy the mail to the appropriate folder into the mailbox.
  • Back up mails on the hard drive.
  • Print mails – optionally
  • Send an order by mail to the carrier
  • Send a confirmation to the sender of the mail

Another facilities:

The program automatically creates new categories, folders in the inbox with names of carriers as well as creates folders on the hard disk daily and for each carrier You can configure the program by editing the Excel file with settings such as following:

  • Drivers data
  • Mails addresses to carriers, CCs
  • Optional hiding buttons of visibility
  • Change the program position on the screen
  • Change the buttons positions layout (horizontally, vertically, diminished)